Peitra Ekaterina Yana Gamentova Alexeyevich Romanov

Vampire and noble of the Romanov family


Peitra looks almost child-like in appearance, being of medium height with a smaller frame. Her skin is like polished white stone, and her features reflect her mother’s elegance with pronounced cheekbones, soft nose and mouth, but the dark eyes of her father. Her black hair is often tied in a ponytail that she wears on one shoulder. Peitra wears a long black dress that falls to the floor layered in black lace like webs with a high collared black coat over top. She also wears gloves with several rings over them.

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Peitra Ekaterina Yana Gamentova Alexeyevich Romanov was born to Mary Hamilton and Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov, also known as Peter the Great. Although Mary Hamilton admitted in court to drowning the infant child she delivered, Mary was intercepted by a nobleman, who took the baby from Mary before she flung the child into the river. Mary then collapsed, and when she awoke, was convinced she had drowned it.

The nobleman took Peitra out of St. Petersberg and presented the child as a gift to his wife, whose child had died a few weeks before. His wife doted upon Peitra, often calling Peitra ‘’her little doll’’ and both parents ensured that their daughter was brought up to carry the responsibilities of a noble. However, the mystery of how their child had mysteriously returned to life puzzled the court, and even caught the attention of Catherine I. Deciphering the clues, Catherine I sent mercenaries to kill Peitra (now fifteen) and the members of the house, burning it to the ground. Peitra escaped into the woods with a servant, but both were shot.

Dying from her wounds, Peitra was approached by a figure in the forest. He called himself Iudas, and asked if she wanted to be saved. Peitra begged him, and Iudas revealed to her that he was a vampire. He turned Peitra and brought him to his home, where he cared for her. Iudas was actually one of the oldest vampire lords, and he confessed to Peitra that he had fallen in love with her, and had been watching over her for some time. Iudas became not only Peitra’s protector, but her lover as well.

Peitra lived with Iudas for centuries, but when they tried to produce an heir for Iudas, Peitra was never able to bring the child to term. Peitra despaired that she couldn’t make him happy, and one day escaped from the household and fled into town. There she found another vampire, Christophe, a diplomat from the French vampire court. He seduced Peitra, taking her into Western Europe, with intentions of using her to control Iudas and his power. Iudas followed them, but seeing Peitra with Christophe drove him to grief, and he disappeared. After learning of Christophe’s plan to usurp Iudas, destroyed Christophe.

Peitra searched for Iudas, but was unable to find him. As the world modernized, Peitra blended into the dark underside, serving as a member in the Russian vampire court while continuing her search. Soon though, she began to look past her world and time and into others. Taking several mages, she determined that if she went and saved the line of her descendants, that she could possibly alter the timeline in her own world enough to find Iudas. With their help, they transported her back, but something went wrong. When she emerged, the timeline had changed drastically, and Peitra found that Tsar Nikolas had not been murdered by the Bolsheviks, but was under the control of Rasputin, now a powerful sorcerer.

Peitra seeks to destroy Rasputin and restore the Tsar back to his position, so that when she returns to her own world, she can take her rightful place as not only a ruler of the vampire courts, but the ruler of the Russian people.

Peitra Ekaterina Yana Gamentova Alexeyevich Romanov

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